Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Friday, December 19, 2014

Visiting Santa

Today Daddy, Granny and Pa took Mason to see Santa.  Like the years past they went to the Reindeer Festival. .......here are some pics of the trip

Feeding the Reindeer
Sitting in Santa's sleigh
 Driving with Daddy

Taking pictures
Feeding the goats.

The Santa pictures and more from the visit are on the camera so since I am still laying in a hospital bed those  pictures will come later!

Speaking of laying in the hospital here is a little update on me and baby #2

Since we both have been behaving I was able to not be on all the monitors all day....just an hour every so often.  So far so good.  We have officially cleared the 48 hour mark with steroid shot #1 and 24 hours for shot #2.  This just means we have reached our very first short term goal. Now we go for hitting 33 weeks (Monday).  I am taking it one day at a time.....

I did have a special visitor tonight who gave me lots and lots of snuggle time...
And we even played with Legos!
 Miss this little guy so much ♡♡♡

Thursday, December 18, 2014

One day older

Baby update.....

We made it through another day with baby boy still inside growing.  I got the second and final dose of the steroids to help mature his lungs.  This way when we deliver he will have lungs that are more mature and hopefully able to breath on his own or at least with less intervention.   I am still feeling fine and getting antibiotics to keep any kind of viruses at bay.  I got to shower today so I feel refreshed and hoping for a bit more sleep tonight then I got last night.   It is hard when they have to keep checking my vitals.  

Nana and Papa took awesome care of Mason last night and all day today.  They stopped by for a visit and Mason has decided that my iv is to shoot fluoride out! Don't ask I have no idea.....he warmed up at the end but was not much of a fan of hanging out in the hospital. ..but who would blame him.  We are very thankful that Nana and Papa were able to help us out as fast as they did and make it a special Mason only visit! 

Granny and Pa arrived this afternoon and unless baby and I do something crazy they will be taking over the babysitting duties. 

That about catches everyone up to what is going on.  As always we are just taking it one day at a time! 

Now off to BED! oh wait I am in bed......good night!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Advent Day Eighteen

Well today started off with an early morning visitor to our bed and extra cuddles in the morning. 

We then had a lunch date with some dear friends.......

Which included some Christmas presents being exchanged. ...
Once we has lunch we planned to take a few more maternity photos.  Well that did happen but lets just say it did include my water breaking.....

So 4 years ago today we brought one miracle home from the hospital and now I am laying in a hosiptal bed trying to keep baby #2 in!

Checking in to labor and delivery. 
We are being admitted .....
So now I lay in bed trying to keep my fluid level up as much as possible to keep this baby in.
I have had the first of two steroid shots (for lung development for our little boy) and a few others meds for me to try to stall things as long as possible.  The goal very short term is 24 hours for the steroids but really they are hoping to have me stay with baby baking for at least 10 day!  I will keep everyone posted.  

Nana and Papa will be here soon to care for Mason tonight and Granny and Pa are on an early flight out in the morning.  We are just taking this ride one hour at a time!..

Four Years Ago Today....

We walked into this.......

 Got dressed and spent a few minutes savoring the journey was was ending and the new one that was just about to begin!

 Getting ready to make a break for it....

And just like that we were out of there!

Mason Stone we are so thankful that God gave us you and that you continue to bring much joy and love to our lives.  This will always be your story and I hope that you continue to show the strength and determination that you taught us all from the very beginning.  We love you!  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Advent Day Seventeen & 32 weeks!

Today is Tuesday so that means I had two doctor's appointments!  We decided to use it as an opportunity to have a family day : )  Tom and Mason came to my first appointment and then we went to lunch!  We ended up at a sushi restaurant.....now if you know us you are probably thinking WHAT!!!!  There is one close by my doctor's offices and a friend took me there a few weeks ago and it was yummy, so today Tom was down for something new.  We had a GREAT meal and even better time together. 

Don't worry I only ate fully cooked food....but this one Tom had and I just had to take a picture...it is such a piece of art!
Oh yeah and of course Mason and Mommy shared some chocolate icecream cake!  Then it was time for me to head to doctor #2 and the boys headed to the mall.  Tom was hoping to do a little shopping but Mason convinced him to play at the playground instead!  What is really better then that anyways????
Here's a little sneak peak from today.  No 3d today cause the placenta was blocking the view!  No worries we have ONE more chance!!!  Thats right we only have one more check with the High Risk doctor before we start getting ready for baby #2s arrival!  
Nothing new with me or baby just listen to my body and dont over due it!

Once I was done I picked up the boys and we headed home.  
While I glued all the pieces together from yesterday's project this was happening......
Yup snuggling while playing Lego Star Wars together!  Nothing better then that ♡♡

A great day was had by all!

I even got a bit creative. ...

Now off to bed.....if only I would sleep more then a few hours at a time!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Advent Day Sixteen

We started with paint..
Then punched some holes...
Made black noses....
Now we let it all dry.  Besides the fact that Mason lost interest and Mommy was too tired to finish it.....instead we just enjoyed some family time Mason was singing and playing lullabies to Daddy.  This is really what it is all about! No projects needed just memories being made.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Advent Day Fifteen

Before we get into todays venture here is the outcome from yesterdays crystals...

We got LOTS of crystals!!! They look really neat on the tree with the lights shinning☆☆

Remember last year, a few days after Christmas when I bought all kinds of Christmas activities to do this year....well today we actually did one!
 Mason loves to paint so I figured this would be a hit : )
 He told me this was a diamond shape so matter of factly as he was painting it blew me away...
Now just have to let them dry and can hang them tomorrow!