Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dr. Appointments and More

Yesterday the boys both had doctor visits.  Mason got his ears re-checked from his ear infections last month
and River had his 6 month well baby check-up!Both boys are doing great.  Mason's statistics have not changed since the last visit but here are River's offical 6 month stats:
Height 25 1/2 inches (10- 25%)
Weight 15 lbs 7 oz (10-25%)
Head Circumference 42.5 cm (10-25%)
BMI 16.69

Dr. Spiegel is very happy with River's growth and development.   We have the green light to increase solid food feedings to twice a day.  (still stage one until 7months) He also said to start baby proofing the house because River is going to be more typical boy and just get into everything....unlike Mason that was more cautious.   We will see if he is right.....as of now that is pretty spot on!  River got two vaccines and one oral one.  No major reactions.  Just a low grade fever and a bit more fussy.  We also got the go ahead that both are fine to go to Mexico to celebrate Uncle Jonathan getting married at the end of the month.  Mason's ears are clear and back to normal as well!

It has been in the 90s here all week so after the doctor we headed to Rattlesnake Lake. 
The water was nice and warm so it was really nice to swim a bit!
 The water level is still very low due to the very little snow we got this past winter AND the mild drought we are currently in!
 SO SO Beautiful....
We watched THREE bald eagles dive for fish around the lake.   To me it is amazing to watch them so closely in the wild.  Truly breath taking!  (they are not in this picture!)

Today we went to the zoo.......
And I took this picture........
Where did our baby go?!?!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Halfway to One!

Happy Half Birthday River!  This month has been full of lots of firsts.....You started off with eating rice cereal then peas, green beans, squash and finally carrots today!  You LOVE to eat and you are getting really good at it.  Even though we are starting food you still nurse 100%.  You are still amazing at it and really enjoy it.  It is still our special time together.   You still love Mommy but you are  starting to enjoy Daddy more and more each day. 
You took your first real trip to Rattlesnake Lake....and LOVED it!
 You also love all things outside and where the action it.  Grass you think is fun to pull and try to eat...
The water table was ok.....but you were more interested in what your brother was doing.  As per the norm these days!
 You have figured out how to roll anywhere you want to go.  Luckily it is normally towards your brother who LOVES that you are so into him!
 You are even doing what I call lucky crawling.  You are getting up on all fours and sometimes you kick your feet just right to move.  You are also starting to pull yourself around in a kind of army crawl!
 Even though you are now is size THREE diapers and fitting nicely into size 6 to 9 month clothes, we are starting to see your neck again!
 You are also very into this blanket.  It is small but you love to chew on all the different tags!  Its been hot here but you seem to be handling just fine.
You still love to snooze in the carrier when we are out and about but are finally starting to take naps in you crib as well!
Happy SIX months River Nolan!  You are growing up WAY to fast but we are enjoying every minute of every day the best we can.  We love you SO much!♡♡♡

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

To the Best Dad......
 And Papa around!
We wish you a very special day!  Thank you for all that you do for us each and every day!  
We LOVE you,
Mason and River

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mr. Blue Eyes

This little man....or should I say BIG man is now wearing 6 month clothing!!!!!
 He is one SOLID boy!!!! No he is NOT 6 months yet but very very soon!

115th US OPEN

On Thursday Tom and I (along with Papa) went to the first round of the US OPEN.
The merchandise tent.....it felt like a REAL store not a TENT!
 The perimeter walls were just covered with hats!
 Walking to find a spot to watch.....
This is the second tee.....
Yup we were THAT close.....
 (Not zoomed in)
 Watched them put the 16th hole in
We found a spot in the middle of the 2nd hole where we could watch the drive, the approach shot and then the putting.....
Again it was AMAZING to be so close to players that you watch on tv!
 The 17 hole.....
We spent most of our time on the 16th hole where we sat in the grandstands.  We saw all the players come through!  This is the group of Dustin Johnson, Adam Scott and Sergio Garcia.   
Later we watched Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson and Angel Cabrera come through but those pictures are on Tom's phone so I will post another time.  After we watched the morning groups, go through, we had lunch and we watched Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler and Louis Oosthuizen play number 2 before we left.  

We had orginally planed on taking the boys with us but after Nana and Papa went to the first practice round we all decided it was not a good idea.  Nana stayed home with the boys while Tom, myself and Papa went.  We got up at 4am just to get to the parking site where we had to catch the shuttle to get to the course.  Just a little in site we did not make it onto the course until after 730am!  The course is beautiful but not ment to have people walking all around it, so we decided to pick a spot and stay put.  We did watch all the moring groups and almost all the afternoon groups play the hole we were sitting at.  
I am so glad we were able to go and experience it.  I hope once the boys get older we can experience it with them as well!